Judith Valente

  • Author, Journalist, Poet. 
  • TV & Radio Producer.
  • Speaker & Retreat Leader. 
  • Benedictine Lay Associate.
  • Environmentalist.


Interviews, Features and Reviews with Judith Valente

By Nicole Anderson Cobb
Judith Valente, a resident of Normal, Illinois, is an award-winning author, journalist, and a sought-after speaker and retreat leader on contemplative life. She is also a lay associate of the Benedictine monastery Mount St. Scholastica in Atchison, Kansas.
We met in 2013 when we began corresponding about her work on monastic life and Benedictine spirituality...

"We're Losing Touch With The Art of Listening."

Presented on Australia's "The Good Oil" 

"Listening for Benedictines isn’t a passive endeavour. It is an act of will, of paying attention", writes Judith Valente.

University of Mary Sponsorship Formation Day Annual Conference, May 9, 2019

"What a joyful day you created for our lay colleagues working in our sponsored institutions ... You not only stirred the ashes of hope, but you invited us to pause for those graced moments of awareness and gratitude in the workplace . Any number of participants have expressed how pleased they were with your presentations, with your ability to incorporate and expand on their shared ideas, and with the depth of the conversation at the break-out sessions."

"The Benedictine life speaks to the challenges of today."  

From NJ.com's Faith Matters:

Rev. Alexander Santora chronicles Ms. Valente's work with The Benedictine Sisters of Elizabeth, in Elizabeth, NJ, and announces her upcoming, 25-city speaking tour in 2019.

"Encountering Silence."

From the "Encountering Silence" podcast:

Judith shares how a poetry workshop at a monastery led her to a meaningful encounter with silence at midlife.

"An Interview With Niala Bodhoo."

Presented on PBS's "The21st" Radio Progam

Niala Boodhoo interviewing me about my new book, How To Live: What The Rule Of St. Benedict Teaches Us About Happiness, Meaning, and Community.

"Review: What life is like outside the cloister, by Gregory Hillis."

From "America: The Jesuit Review"

"In How to Live, Judith Valente argues that, far from being a text that only has relevance for monks, the Rule of Benedict has wisdom for all of us in the modern world trying to attain some measure of balance and peace. "

"How To Live: What The Rule Of St. Benedict Teaches Us About Happiness, Meaning, and Community."

From WGLT Public Radio:

Thanks to GLT Radio, the NPR affiliate in central Illinois, for interviewing me about my new book, How To Live: What The Rule of St. Benedict Teaches Us About Happiness, Meaning and Community (Hampton Roads/RedWheelWeiser, Boston). 

Religion Communicators Council:  "Religion communicators convene to see in new ways"​​

It was a privilege to be asked to give the keynote address at the recent annual conference of the Religion Communicators Council. Thanks to the RCC for publishing the following report on my talk on how journalists can "see new possibilities and new perspectives" in covering faith and values.

"The Legacy of Thomas Merton."

From "The National Catholic Reporter" 

An interview about Father Thomas Merton's Legacy, with a special commentary by Judith Valente.