Judith Valente

  • Author, Journalist, Poet. 
  • TV & Radio Producer.
  • Speaker & Retreat Leader. 
  • Benedictine Lay Associate.
  • Environmentalist.

Interviews and Features with Judith Valente

"We're Losing Touch With The Art of Listening."

Presented on Australia's "The Good Oil" 

Listening for Benedictines isn’t a passive endeavour. It is an act of will, of paying attention, writes Judith Valente.

"The Legacy of Thomas Merton."

From "The National Catholic Reporter" 

An interview about Father Thomas Merton's Legacy, with a special commentary by Judith Valente.

"Encountering Silence."

From the "Encountering Silence" podcast:

Judith shares how a poetry workshop at a monastery led her to a meaningful encounter with silence at midlife.

"An Interview With Niala Bodhoo."

Presented on PBS's "The21st" Radio Progam

Niala Boodhoo interviewing me about my new book, How To Live: What The Rule Of St. Benedict Teaches Us About Happiness, Meaning, and Community.