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"Atchison Blue: A Search for Silence, a Spiritual Home and a Living Faith."

Judith's observations and lessons learned from extensive visits to Mount St. Scholastica Monastery in Atchison, Kansas.

Recently named "Best Spirituality Book in Paperback" by the Catholic Press Association and one of the "Three Best Spirituality Books of the Year" by the Religion Newswriters Association!

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"The moon in the title of Judith Valente's book, "Discovering Moons," becomes, after reading these deeply felt poems, the moon invisibly tethered to earth, as spirit and body are mysteriously tethered in Valente's work."​
-- Stuart Dybeck, Author, Streets in Their Own Ink.
"This is a thoroughly engaging and illuminating book. Judith Valente and Charles Reynard show us how we, too, can enter a poem through the openings our own lives give us."

-- Rosellen Brown, author of Before and After and Tender Mercies 
"[Her poems] own their own beauty, offer themselves abundantly to metaphor. Ms. Valente has constructed an active, even frisky language, pulling into the poem references and allusions that tease our minds as they amplify the poem's subject and mood and landscape."

-- Pulitzer Prize winning poet Mary Oliver
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"The Art of Pausing: Meditations for the Overworked and Overwhelmed."
"A daily mini retreat for those seeking contemplative moments within their hectic days."

Available Online and in Book Stores and on the ACTA Publications website.
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"How To Live: What The Rule of St. Benedict Teaches Us About Happiness, Meaning and Community".
In How to Live, Judith Valente explores the key elements of the rule and clearly demonstrates how incorporating this ancient wisdom can change the quality and texture of our lives offering a way forward from the divisions gripping our country.