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Restoring Illinois, on WGLT Public Radio, Normal, Illinois
Click here to hear Judith's August 28th interview with Illinois restorationist Don Gardner, as part of her ongoing series, Unseen Illinois, on WGLT Public Radio Normal, Illinois.
Restoring Illinois, on 
WGLT Public Radio
"Kathleen Norris" on WGLT Public Radio
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"Kathleen Norris" Interview from
WGLT Public Radio
"Sister Simone
Interview, from
 WGLT Public Radio
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Click here  and listen to Judith's five part report on relations and perceptions between police and African- Americans, winner of a 2015 Edward R. Murrow Award.

​From a four month WGLT investigation, you'll hear from citizens who say they feel police target them and from police who must balance combating crime with safeguarding individual rights. Judy Valente has this report.
ST. Benedict's Preparatory School for boys broadcast
WGLT's own Judy Valente was honored by the national Association for Women in Communications for "St. Benedict's Preparatory School for Boys". 
GLT correspondent and producer Judy Valente received a Clarion Award in public affairs reporting for a segment she reported on "Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly," a religion news show on national PBS-TV.
Click here to hear the report.
"A journey to see Pope Francis" radio broadcast and interview
"A Journey to See Pope Francis"  Public Radio Article & Interview
Pope Francis' historic visit to Philadelphia this past weekend drew more than a million people. Among them was WGLT's Judy Valente, who accompanied a group of pilgrims from central Illinois. They drove through the night, hoping for a glimpse of the man in white. Click here for that story and the accompanying interview.
Thanks to GLT Radio, the NPR affiliate in central Illinois, for interviewing me about my new book, How To Live: What The Rule of St. Benedict Teaches Us About Happiness, Meaning and Community (Hampton Roads/RedWheelWeiser, Boston). 
Click the player to listen to the interview.