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Enjoy this selection of Judith's articles, collected from her lifetime of contributions to Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, among other nationally acclaimed news sources.  Then browse through the library of video and audio contributions to PBS-TV, NPR and Chicago Public Radio. 
"To arrive at Mount St. Scholastica Monastery in Atchison, Kansas, you must cross Contrary Creek and bypass Last Chance Road. Eventually, you will see a red brick structure on a hilltop, its L-shaped wings like outstretched arms embracing the city below...."
"Susan Campbell will never forget the vision that woke her before dawn on February 25th, 1989.  Sitting up in bed, the Wellington, New Zealand housewife felt a strange sense of foreboding and saw a 'clear, clear' picure of her son, Lee standing in front of her."
"For a House of God, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church seemed star crossed.  The original church building burned to the ground in the Great Chicago Fire.  Then lightning struck the new church, knocking the statue of the Virgin Mary from the roof."
Published Articles in Print and Online.
"On a warm night in April 1973, Mr. Henderson's 26 year old son, Paul, told him he had a confession to make. 'I haven't really been honest with you,' Paul said. 'I'm gay.'" 
"The Mount in mid-autumn is a study in splendor. The feather reed grasses sway like long styluses in the wind. The cooler weather paints the trees on the Missouri River bluffs into an artist’s palette. Cockscombs, with their red, cabbage-sized blossoms, add flashes of fire to the monastery gardens. The air is pungent with the scent of burning wood and dry leaves. And yet, this world is slowly dying..."
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